Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Facebook Changes Again!

Greetings fellow social media god and goddesses.... are you ready for you next adventure into the world of social media???

So it seems facebook has made some changes recently and as usual they did them on the hush hush, meaning not telling any one. I noticed too that these changes have mixed reviews...sometimes I think we get so comfortable with how facebook works that we object to any change before we ever figure out if it is a good change or not..

However can't say I like one of the new changes as regards to posting...When I first saw it my reaction was....where is the link button??? What was cool about the old method was it would store the links you used before so you only had to type a bit of the address and a menu would appear...quick, easy and ohhh so sweet.... but now...alas this is gone... so what are our options... well you can type in the address you wish to use as a link or cut/paste it in. Ok so it is not the end of the world that we now have to do this but really??? Why the change... they left the photo option and the ask question option.. but the video option is gone as well.... not sure why they did this but this change gets a thumbs down...

Another change is that you can now change the setting of who see each post.... so if you want the public or friends of friends to see only certain posts then this is a welcomed change. The Custom option also allows you to choose specific people as well.  Now some were saying that the default setting was the  "only me" option but I have not personally seen you may want to check and see how your is set.You can now post" who you are with if you choose that option and your location as well. I playing around with the location option you can change it and add any city even if that is not where you are...hmmmm now this could fun if you like to play with this sort of function. Practically  speaking though you could change your location if you were traveling etc...and wanted to let your friends know where you were posting from. So, these are rather small changes and some of you may find them valuable. These posting changes get a thumbs up only because I do not see them as a loss of value but more like questionable value.

No matter what facebook does that seem to ruffle our feathers, the idea is to have some fun with it even if you are using it for business purposes. So until our next adventure....happy posting!

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