Friday, May 20, 2011

Making the Most of Social Media

Greetings my fellow gods and goddesses of the social media world. Are you enjoying your journey through the world of social media or are you getting frustrated?  Do you find it mind boggling and you just can't wrap your head around it all? Well go get your favorite beverage, adult or otherwise, and get ready for an inside peak into how you make social media work for you.

The first thing you really need to think about is why are you doing all of this...tweeting, posting, writing blog posts, articles and such. If you are doing it just because you heard you should be, you might want to rethink that approach. Social Media marketing is an investment of your time. It is something you have to grow right along with your business. In today's world it is a part of your overall marketing plan. It is as important as networking and advertising. It allows you to reach another segment of your market that the others may not reach.

To make the most of your social media marketing, you want it to do the work for you. That is the trick to using this form of marketing. The real power here is in the way this form helps you with your branding, being seen as the go to person. When people need your service, they will think of you.

Social media marketing allows you the opportunity to get your message out which brings us to the next important point...your content. Your content is the most powerful tool you have. It is your voice, your personality. It can work for you if you allow it to. People do business with those they know, like and trust. you can build this into your content. I do have a word of caution here though, you must be real. If you try to fake it through your postings, people will see right through that. When posting you want to talk to your audience and not at them. You want to engage them in a conversation. You want to provide useful information and educate them in a personable manner.

Not all content works the same. What you post on facebook may not work on twitter and vice versa. So, it does take practice and a little thought to learn what works for you. It is an opportunity for you to express your thoughts in relation to your business.

You can make social media work for you. Take is slow at first and do not try to do everything all at once. Build a following in one of the resources first before you add another one. Take some to read what other bloggers are saying on the topic. When you invest time in learning, you are investing in your business. Just as you keep up with trends in your industry, you do the same with social media marketing.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to the World of Social Media Marketing...and perhaps this trip got you thinking a bit differently about social media and how it can be of help to you. So enjoy your adventures in the world of social media....

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Are Social Media Results Measurable?

Greetings my fellow social media gods and goddesses. Are you ready to explore the world of measure-ability? This is an area where debates and discussions are currently going on and if you read a lot about social media it just may you leaving scratching your head.

Most traditional forms of marketing one can measure the rate of return on investment easily. Place an ad, the phone rings you get clients...maybe yes maybe no but either way you can determine easily the results of placing that ad in a short period of time.

In the world of social media it is not quite so easy. Most social media resources are free so the monetary costs are relatively low especially if you are doing your own marketing. You are however investing your time  Ahh that precious commodity of time where we ask ourselves how much is our time worth. Each individual will have their own answer to that question.The question is not really how much time to put into social media but to make sure that in the time you do put into it that you are working smart. That you are doing quality social media and not quantity and that you are consistent. It is not enough for people to just see your name but it is about how they are perceiving you. You want to be seen as an expert in your field, that you are giving value so that those who do not know you will use you as a resource when the time comes that they do need you. This is the power that is in social media.

There are some things to bear in mind when trying to measure your social media marketing results.

1. Do not read too much into things like click through numbers, readers of posts on a blog, email addresses you are capturing and such. These numbers are useful in showing growth and the impact your social media campaign is having.You are looking for growth and increased impact. If in the beginning you are getting only a few people clicking through and such do not worry about it. You want to look for increases and not at the actual raw data.

2. Another important factor is if your get an increase response to a certain post, that does not mean the next time you try something similar that you will get the same results. The world of social media is very fickle and every changing. You can however determine what your followers are generally interested in and from there you will need to provide even more information to hold their interest, not the same information just said differently.

3. Social Media users are very savvy these days. You need to respect their intelligence and educate them on who you are and what it is you offer and not try to sell them or trick them into something. Many will not share their email etc as they do not want to get a mailbox full of your product offerings, webinars etc. You do want to make it easy for them to contact you should they be interested. Empower them to choose you by providing good content that will peek their interest. Talk to them and not at them.

4. There is no substitute for good content. If you are not getting the results you desire, step up your content. Provide them with the information they are looking for. Social Media is about informing and educating your followers in a personable and interactive manner so that they will feel they know, like and trust you.

5. Results take time and you are looking to grow your influence and impact. Numbers alone will not tell you this. You need to determine how you want to be seen, what you want to be known for and gear your content in the direction. Your content needs to be a reflection of this in a consistent, personable and relate-able.

So my fellow social media gods and goddesses don't stress over all of this....the world of social media is so new that even the guru's don't have it figured out but they are sure trying and are having a real struggle in doing so. You can make social media marketing work for you and you can get the results you desire. Just remember to keep everything in perspective and be yourself. After all is it not you that they want to do business with?